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SorbSecurity aims to address the TOP cyber security problems at the basics, Phishing & Ransomware in Email, Web and Others. SorbSecurity can do more by integrating with our powerful API in SIEM.

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SobSecurity, we focus on the regional security problems. SorbSecurity built the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end platform, with SaaS, cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid deployments, that seamlessly integrates with existing security products. SorbSecurity addresses the most TOP cyber problems, with everyone affordable cost.

Productive & Customizable For CyberSecurity

The Truth of Attack is 99% starting with Phishing and Ransomware

Phishing XDR

Ransomware XDR


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Security Product

Cloud SaaS

Provide the security services in Cloud.

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Decentralized Security

We embrace the blockchain technology to enhance your security and privacy.

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Our Services

SorbSecurity is on firing. We are excited to share with you more soon.

Security SaaS

SorbSecurity provides the cloud services to protect you. We can easily integrate with your existing systems.


Security Operations

Experts are very important for identifying an issue. The core processes cannot run on their own without security.


Professional Services

SorbSecurity helps you more. Tell us your pain points that we will walk togehter to meet your goals.


Our Products

Advanced security products to protect the customers and users from Email and Web, via phishing and ransom attacks.

Our Solutions

Take a look at which one could help you most

Anti-Phishing 365

Phishing is painful and 1st step to compromise your system. Our solution is to help you at here.

Anti-Malware 365

Losing files is terrible. We can help you identify the malicious easily.

SIEM EnPower

Cyber Intelligence and RestAPI Integration

Cloud Security SaaS

Cloud-based Security SaaS using Protocols

Solution Integration

More than a solution but partnership to streamline everything using Cloud-based API

Security in Blockchain

Blockchain gives more security and privacy

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Latest News

SorbSecurity is coming out with a comprehensive solution to protect you from phishing and ransom attacks.

How to secure your vault

Protect yourself from phishing attacks.

  • 07 Jan 2022
  • 15 min ago
Best Solution against Ransomware

Biggest headache but easy solution here.

  • 07 Jan 2022
  • 20 min ago
Secure your business as well as your users

One solution for killing both birds

  • 07 Jan 2022
  • 30 min ago

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